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October 2021- December 2021

It's time for you to feel like J-Lo shaking her booty on the Superbowl stage in your business.

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Are you ready to skyrocket your CONFIDENCE so that your audience is begging to work with you because of your newfound energy?


🌟 You are so tired of feeling like your business is so stop and go and you just want to hit that consistency...with clients AND cash.

🌟 You are feeling discouraged and don't understand where to find leads and why your existing audience isn't hiring you.

🌟 You want to figure out how to slay your Discovery Calls... without showing up with the shakes and overanalyzing every little thing you said after the fact.

🌟 You feel so damned uncomfortable with selling, because you don't want people to dislike you or question your intentions.

🌟 You're ready to finally show up live and in your stories with content that your audience actually wants to hear... without breaking into a cold sweat.

🌟 You're ready to finally find your confidence... which apparently went on hiatus along with Cameron Diaz when she retired from acting.


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October 28th | 10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern

🌟 How being able to go live and get visible transformed by business AND my confidence.

🌟 Find out how to get people to join and participate in your lives and stories.

🌟 Know exactly what to say when you go live so that you stay focused and on-topic.

🌟 My best kept strategies for taking steps to be more and more comfortable (without telling you to “fake it til’ you make it!”)

November 10th | 12 PM Pacific | 3 PM Eastern

🌟 Find out how to start getting your dreamy clients to notice you in a sea of providers.

🌟 Find out how to stop attracting free-loaders who are only in it for the free gifts and no intention to hire or buy from you.

🌟 Know exactly what your audience needs from you in order to feel comfortable working with you (it’s time for them to jump aboard the “YES!” train).

🌟 My best kept strategies for converting fans to paid clients (I promise you this one will surprise you!)

December 2nd | 10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern

🌟 Learn how to pump yourself up before you even get on the call…and how this completely sky-rocketed my conversion rate.

🌟 Find out how to stop feeling like you are floundering so that you put yourself in the power position.

🌟 The “must ask” questions for every Discovery Call.

🌟 My #1 strategy for making sure your dream clients feel heard and understood on the call so that they are EXCITED to work with you.

December 16th | 10 AM Pacific | 1 PM Eastern

🌟 My secret for closing sales, whether they are $5 or $5000+.

🌟 Find out exactly what selling really is and how to lean into your personality in order to make it all work FOR you.

🌟 Learn exactly how I ditched the “Selling Scaries” and the strategies that I used to start bringing in WAY more clients.

🌟 My #1 mindset shift for making selling feel less sleezy, less scary, and more FUN.

Who Am I to Teach YOU About CONFIDENCE in your business?

Hey, Gorgeous!

I want you to know that your business doesn't have to feel so damned hard. You don't deserve to feel so insecure and unsure in your business. You can create a sustainable system and strategy that actually feels good to you and that works for you! And that is going to start with these four key business components: Going Live, Attracting + Converting Leads, Discovery Calls, and Selling.

You're in good hands- I've been working in the online

space for 5+ years, but have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was much younger. This has put me behind the scenes of well over 100 brands, from solopreneurs to agencies...and now you get to bring me behind the scenes of YOUR business.

My goal for this webinar series is to help you find those missing pieces of your confidence and put them back together...by helping you conquer the four key pillars that are holding you back.

Are you ready to do this?!

XO Lindsay

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Client Love Notes

Here's What You'll Walk Away With

🌟 The pep talk of all pep talks to help you get back on track with believing in yourself and in your business. Spoiler Alert: this is possible for you.

🌟 A crystal clear plan of action that helps you to take steps to being comfortable going live and getting your face out there...without wanting to make you curl up into the fetal position.

🌟 The secret thing your business GETS TO HAVE, in order to attract and convert leads, the way Taylor Swift attracts her boyfriends!

🌟 A major AH-HA as to why your Discovery Calls have been flopping (and what you get to do so they start giving you big fat HELL YES's!)

🌟 My exact 3 strategies that are going to help you sell (minus the sleazy feeling) so that you feel lighter and more confident going into those conversations.

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