Money-Making Webinar Series


January 2022- March 2022

Activate New Clients on Repeat for Just $27.

Are you ready to skyrocket your CONFIDENCE so that your audience is begging to work with you because of your newfound energy?


🌟 Are you sick of wondering where your next client is going to come from?

🌟 Are you sick of worrying about how you're going to pay your bills?

🌟 Are you sick of being overworked and exhausted because you aren't making enough to get support for YOU?


🌟 The action-taker women who are sick and tired of WAITING for clients to flock to them and are ready to unlock the secret to getting amazing clients on the regular.

🌟 Brand new or established coach or done for you service provider that wants CONSISTENCY in their business.

🌟 Coaches and service providers who are nervous or uncomfortable with being visible, and so you juuuuuust might be self-sabotaging yourself.

🌟 Coaches and service providers who don't know how or where to find clients that will pay them MORE.


🌟 My top-secret, rock solid ways to find new clients who are actually ready to invest in their business.

🌟 Unveil my signature FCC Framework for finding and getting new clients, easily.

🌟 Pssssst! You even get a BONUS downloadable PDF checklist if you attend live…  AND you could win FREE prizes!

🌟 Learn the difference between Proactive and Reactive marketing, and why being proactive can absolutely MAKE your business. 

🌟 Find out how to become subtly proactive when I divulge my easy-to-integrate tips that you can start using immediately.

🌟 Pssssst! Join live and you could win FREE prizes!

🌟 Discover why referral networks are so powerful and how you can integrate one into your business today.

🌟 How to develop a killer word-of-mouth marketing strategy that continually keeps your audience fresh and fills it with new people.

🌟  Pssssst! Join live and you could win FREE prizes!

🌟 Unlock the psychology behind sales and how to bring this into your content (hello, being proactive!).

🌟 Learn how to combine the Rule of 7 and psychology-based buyer behaviour in your content so that your audience is primed and ready to work with you, NOW.

🌟 Pssssst! Join live and you could win FREE prizes!

Can't make it live? Don't worry- you'll get the replays!

Who Am I to Teach YOU About GETTING MORE CLIENTS in your business?

Hey, Gorgeous!

I want you to know that your business doesn't have to feel so damned hard. You don't deserve to feel so insecure and unsure in your business. You can create a sustainable system and strategy that actually feels good to you and that works for you! And that is going to start with these four key getting clients components: Unique Places to Find Clients, Proactive Marketing, Referral Networks, and Content for Cash.

You're in good hands- I've been working in the online

space for 5+ years, but have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was much younger. This has put me behind the scenes of well over 100 brands, from solopreneurs to agencies...and now you get to bring me behind the scenes of YOUR business.

My goal for this webinar series is to help you find those missing pieces of your confidence and put them back together...by helping you conquer the four key pillars that are holding you back.

Are you ready to do this?!

XO Lindsay

Client Love Notes

Here's What You'll Walk Away With

🌟 The pep talk of all pep talks to help you get back on track with believing in yourself and in your business. Spoiler Alert: this is possible for you.

🌟 A crystal clear plan of action that helps you start signing more clients right now...without wasting your time looking in all of the spots everyone else is looking...think: bullseye, every time.

🌟 The secret power of a referral network in your business, in order to activate that leads tap and keep it flowing.

🌟 A major AH-HA as to how you can EASILY get proactive instead of reactive (and in doing so priming your audience to be big fat HELL YES's!)
🌟 My exact FCC strategy paired with the Rule of 7 and the psychology of buyer behaviour that are going to help you prime your audience so that they are ready to work with you before you even get on a call.

Grab your ticket for just $27!