Ignite that "Noah and Allie" level of love for your business!

The Date Your Business Series: Because You Really Want Your Business to Give You Those "They're the One" Butterflies.


🌟 The love that you once had for your business has been replaced by the same level of dread you get at the thought of going for your next pap test.

🌟 You feel as rejected in your business as Clayton did by Susie when she said she couldn't move past his actions (spoiler alert: they got back together AND there is hope for you and your business to get back together too!)

🌟 You are offering services that feel MEH to you (think: they're the Karen's of your business) because that's what everyone else is offering (and selling).

🌟 You are capital-E EXHAUSTED from being a one-woman content creating machine.

🌟 You feel like there are so many HAVE to's that you can't even grab a Happy Hour without breaking into a cold sweat.

🌟 At this point in your business you feel like you're trying to hit a pinata after being spun around blindfolded 234687 times.


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🌟 Does your Instagram feed invite people or overwhelm them? Does it guide them? We’ll find out while we clear out the clutter!


🌟 Find out how to guide people using your IG feed so that they know what to do next.

🌟 Feel too spammy? Let’s dive into how to sell on social without feeling gross about it.

🌟 Make your bio POP so that people actually want to stop and get to know you (in fact- they can’t help it!).

🌟 We get it…we see Karen killing it over there in her business and so you feel like you HAVE to offer the same services. Spoiler alert: you don’t and you actually SHOULDN’T.

🌟 Let’s oust those buzzkill services that you loathe with my Love, Like, and Loathe Method.

🌟 Know exactly how to package your services and packages so that they stand out from the sea of others (psssst! what I’m going to tell you isn’t what you expect!).

🌟 Learn how to build your schedule that empowers you to have core CEO day’s that do NOT involve client work.

🌟 Find out how to stop feeling like you are floundering so that you put yourself in the power position.

🌟 Learn the #1 thing that I see that makes you keep one foot out the door in your business and how to get both feet firmly planted for success.

🌟 Find out your POWER content type and how to leverage that.

🌟 Unlock the secret to giving your POWER content more legs so that it isn’t just one and done.

🌟 Learn exactly how to take one piece of content and use it in a MULTITUDE of ways so that you can create LESS contact and make MORE impact.

Who Am I to Teach YOU About FALLING WILDLY IN LOVE with your business?

Hey, Gorgeous!

I want you to know that your business doesn't have to feel so damned hard. You don't deserve to feel so insecure and unsure in your business...to the point where you start to get that sinking feeling in your stomach and you dread working on your business. You actually can create a sustainable system and strategy that feels good to you and that works for you! And that is going to start with this dynamic and interactive training series!

You're in good hands- I've been working in the online space for 5+ years, but have had an

entrepreneurial spirit since I was much younger. This has put me behind the scenes of well over 100 brands, from solopreneurs to agencies...and now you get to bring me behind the scenes of YOUR business.

My goal for this training series is to help you find those missing pieces of your [business] love life and put them back together.

Are you ready to go balls to the wall and Date Your Business?!

XO Lindsay

Client Love Notes

Here's What You'll Walk Away With

🌟 The pep talk of all pep talks to help you get back on track with believing in yourself and in your business. Spoiler Alert: this is possible for you.

🌟 A crystal clear plan of action that helps you to take steps to prioritizing the HELL out of your business...without leaving you feeling overwhelmed to the point of curling up into the fetal position and listening to "My Heart Will Go On" on repeat.

🌟 The secret thing your business GETS TO HAVE, in order to having people swipe right on your business, the way Taylor Swift boyfriends swipe right on her...you know, if she was on Tinder!

🌟 A major AH-HA as to what your power content type is (and how to leverage that) so that your audience is pulling a Beyonce and telling you to put a ring on it (aka hiring the hell out of you).

🌟 My exact strategy that is going to turn your head scratching and blank stares while creating content into Belle's library, all while working smarter, not harder.