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Gain confidence as an introverted done-for-you service provider in going live, getting visible and identify strategies that work FOR your introvertism so that you can get back to doing what you love: Serve Others.

Getting visible in a noisy and saturated market as an intrOpreneur can be draining and feel overwhelming AF.

Getting visible feels overwhelming and scary AF to you.

When someone tells you you SHOULD go to this networking event or you SHOULD go live on Instagram, it makes you break out into a cold sweat that has you energetically drained and heading into hibernation. 

What am I going to talk about? 

Why would anybody want to hear from me? 

I have nothing of value to give to my audience.

I hate small talk.

Can’t I just…not?

This is just the tip of your thought iceberg, and it is holding you back from making the impact you were born to have. It’s time to let this thought process go because it isn’t serving you.

Pssssst! Some of these thoughts are driven by your nasty little ego, who is a complete dick!

You have no idea what your dream audience wants.

With such a saturated market you are having serious doubts that anything you have to say or offer is going to be desired by your ideal client…which sends you spiralling into a major bout of Imposter Syndrome and paralysis. 

Not to mention that if you don’t know what they want, you don’t know how to connect with them authentically, which brings on a whole new wave of overwhelm.

You use your introvertism as an excuse to hide and not work towards growth.

You’ve been told your whole life that you’re “too shy” or “unfriendly” or “unapproachable,” so building a successful business isn’t possible for you, because you’re not an extrovert. 

Having been told that for so long, you’ve defaulted to giving yourself a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to pushing yourself, breaking down your limiting beliefs, and, frankly, calling yourself out. 

I've been exactly where you are.

And I am here to tell you that you CAN grow a successful and thriving business, where you give your ideal audience exactly what they want and where you have the confidence to connect with them.

I've Lived Where You Are Right Now

Terrified, scared AF to go on video, and networking was my worst nightmare. I suffered from bout after bout of self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome, which ultimately saw me self-sabotaging my own success because of the limiting beliefs that I held about myself. It was one step forward and two steps back. 

Until I adopted a Growth Mindset and said, “ENOUGH!”

Once I gave myself permission to let go of all of my self doubt and hired a coach, my business changed dramatically. 

I started booking client after client…and not just any client, IDEAL clients with higher budgets than I’d ever worked with before. I kept raising my rates and I kept stacking my clients, and then I had to hire a team to keep up with the demand.

And now people REACH OUT TO ME because they’ve heard my name, they’ve seen my work, and they’ve been referred to me. 

When I decided that I was going to be successful and create opportunities, it became very easy because I was ready for it to be easy.

It's Time to Get Real

Hiding is hurting your business.

By not being visible, you are not doing what you’ve been called to do: serve your clients. The driving force of your business is to help others, but you cannot do that effectively if you are not visible. 

News Flash:

You have VALUE that people want.

You are an EXPERT in your field.

You will be SUCCESSFUL in business as an introvert.

Getting VISIBLE will get easier as your confidence grows.

You want to grow, be visible, and make an impact, and now is your time to do that.

Take it from me, a girl who was once in your shoes: once you find strategies that work FOR you and have a plan in place, it will be so much easier for you to hit “LIVE” and make the impact you want to make.

Once you start getting visible, your business will naturally grow because you have been strategic and valuable in your visibility.

Are you ready to become fearlessly visible
and massively impactful?

Introducing the...

Cocktails + Confidence

1:1 Mentoring

This is a 3 month 1:1 program designed specifically for female intropreneurs to find confidence in getting visible, design your next offer, and develop a plan to have the freedom and flexibility to live a life you love on YOUR terms… all while having an impact and serving your dream audience!

Hi, I'm Lindsay

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Lindsay, the owner of Socially En Pointe and Gilded Blooms Communications.

I launched my original business, Gilded Blooms Communications, a service-based business offering social media marketing and web design services in early 2017. Within one year I had built a successful and thriving service-based business and had to start bringing on a team to support the demand. 

A firm believer in community over competition, I strongly encouraged every member of my team to come to me with any personal or professional struggles they were having that they needed support with, because I am driven to serve other people. Through my team of interns and contractors, I found myself mentoring them more and more and that is when I realized there was a huge gap in the market serving introverted entrepreneurs…which all of us were!

I have honed in on specific strategies that have enabled me to grow my businesses not in spite of me being an introvert, but because of it, and I want to share this gift with you.

Through mentoring, accountability, and strategic planning I will help you find the confidence to get visible, let go of your limiting beliefs and excuses, and map out your next offer so that you can make an impact on your dream audience who needs you. I will share with you the strategies that I have used in my own business and find strategies that are in alignment with you and your business, all while helping you find the freedom and flexibility to live a life on YOUR terms.

Take it From My Lovely Clients

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Are you ready to become fearlessly visibile and massively impactful?

Take it From My Lovely Clients

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Are you ready to become fearlessly visibile and massively impactful?