heart-centered coaching, mentoring, and marketing.

VIP Clients, Confidence + Cash

Reap all the benefits of a coach & mentor who is your biz bestie and your time-saving marketing strategist with the VIP Clients, Confidence + Cash program.

It’s time to start booking more clients to earn more money without sacrificing all your time and precious energy to get there.

Let’s be real here: trying to be seen & heard in a hyper-saturated market as a shy, quiet, or introverted entrepreneur feels like an impossible task.

If you’re like most introverts, it might look something like this:

You try a bunch of cookie-cutter growth hacks or try subscribing to the “Just do it” mindset strategies floating around out there. But here’s what inevitably happens every time:

All you want is consistent cash hitting your bank account, the ability to take a long weekend to recover, to never miss your son or daughter’s piano recital or soccer practice…

And you just really want to help people.

Because you have the skills people need…but trying to keep up with marketing to get your offer in front of the right people has you feeling like you’re stuck at sea without a life raft…you’re just drowning in the work you know you should do, but you can’t find the time.

Right now, you’re in that spot where you keep feeling like you’re stuck in a loop between good weeks and bad weeks, busy months and painfully stressful months where you’re up at night worrying how you’ll get another client to make ends meet…

You want more clients and to make more money…but you get in your own head about whether or not you’re actually good at what you do and undercharge what you’re worth…

You know you want to have FUN in your business…but you’re so overwhelmed trying to figure out what your next steps are that your business sparks zero joy anymore.

And you know you need to be consistent in your marketing strategy and elevate your website and actually follow thru on your marketing strategy…but you don’t even know when to find the time to provide value when all your energy goes into finding more clients.

In your heart of hearts you are ready to kick your business into overdrive and finally tap into that freedom…

To feel the confidence and unwavering faith in your business that it WILL succeed…

To experience that “pinch me…is this really my amazing life and business?” feeling…you just need the support, accountability, and strategies to get you there.

You’re ready to reduce the fear of being self-employed, to help more people and to make more money!

And you’re ready to take that leap now, so you don’t have to keep wasting time on cookie cutter strategies that weren’t created for you.

You have a true desire to help people and you’re driven to make a positive impact and actually ENJOY your life (and your business!).

But sometimes you feel afraid this won’t actually work for you.

You worry about how to make ends meet if you lose a client, and don’t know what to offer or where to find clients…

And sometimes the people who love you most–your friends, your family, your parents–they just don’t get it…leaving you feeling lonely, isolated, and like you don’t have the support you really want…

On top of all that, it feels impossible to stay consistent and keep up with your own marketing content when you are so drained from the neverending search and losing faith in what you have to offer.

It all makes you question whether you should just give up on your business and head back to the traditional 9-5 with clock-punching, micromanaging, and minimal flexibility or freedom.

Enter: Your #1 fan, Your Biz Bestie, Your Accountability, Your Strategy, Your Content Creator, and Your Own Personal Cheerleader all rolled into one!

Get all the things you’ve been wanting for your business…

From a coach and expert who understands where you are at, knows first hand how to build a business from scratch, & is personally and deeply committed to seeing you succeed as your fabulous and authentic self.

The best part though?
Is how much confidence they gained and the life-altering changes they made in their business & life

All of that IS possible once you get clear on your next steps and start getting consistent.

With confidence and customized high-value content, your business will naturally grow because you’ve been strategic and authentic in your connections.

A 4 or 6 month 1:1 program that blends 1:1 coaching and mentoring with done-for-you marketing services that help you get out of your own way and finally get noticed from your marketing strategy.

Designed specifically for female entrepreneurs to find confidence in your business, figure out your next steps, learn how to market yourself in a way that feels good, design your next offer, and develop a plan to have the freedom and flexibility to live a life you love on YOUR terms…all while making more consistent cash, having an impact and serving your dream audience!

You get access to my agency team and services to take your marketing content, lead acquisition, web design, and more to the next level.

The VIP program is all about getting you the custom marketing content you need so you have the time to apply everything we cover in coaching without the overwhelm of how you’ll accomplish all the strategies we create together for your business.


*This is a guideline but the priority will always be to support you with exactly what you need and when you need it.

Wondering who your all-in-one cheerleader, strategist, mentor, & #1 fan is?

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Lindsay, the owner of Socially En Pointe and Gilded Blooms Communications.

I launched my original business, Gilded Blooms Communications, a service-based business offering social media marketing and web design services in early 2017. Within one year I had built a successful and thriving service-based business and had to start bringing on a team to support the demand. 

A firm believer in community over competition, I encouraged every member of my team to come to me with the personal and professional struggles that they needed support with, because I am driven to serve other people. In time, I found myself coaching my team of interns and contractors more and more. That is when I realized there was a huge gap in the market serving introverted and shy entrepreneurs…which all of us were!

I have honed in on specific strategies that enabled me to grow my businesses not in spite of me being an introvert, but because of it, and I want to share this gift with you.

Through coaching, mentoring, accountability, content creation, and strategic planning I will help you find the confidence to get visible, let go of your limiting beliefs and excuses, and map out your next offer so that you can make an impact on your dream audience who needs you. 

I will share with you the strategies that I used in my own business and find strategies that are in alignment with you and your business, all while helping you find the freedom and flexibility to live a life on YOUR terms.

***All packages are available with no-fee payment plans (meaning you do NOT get charged more money for the total package)!

***All packages include lifetime access to all notes, assets, templates, and calls that we have during our time together.

You deserve to feel confident in your business so that you can sign consistent clients, make more money, and help more people.

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